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Why Buy Your New Bike Here?

Spoke N Trail is a unique bike company offering a range of cycling related services and products.

We don't keep a large quantity of bikes on the shop floor and we're not heavily reliant on bicycle sales to keep operating. We've hand selected bikes from the Specialized range to help you feel confident and supported in your next bike purchase. Our store bikes are provided for you to check sizing, compare model options and test ride.

We take the time to learn about our customers needs based on their preferred riding styles, likely terrain, riding aspirations and budget.

If you purchase thru Spoke N Trail rest assured your bike will be assembled correctly using only the best workshop equipment from Park Tools. Once the build is complete we help our customers setup their bike properly via a bike fit and suspension tune.

We don't stop there, after purchasing with us you receive the first service and a complementary ShockWiz tuning session for free!

We strive to provide a range of premium products and support those products with the ultimate level of personal service. If you're considering purchasing a mountain bike, come and experience the Spoke N Trail version of bicycle retail.