Bike Service – Expert

The Expert Bicycle Service

Our second level of fixed price servicing for all bicycle types.


  • Wipe down & Safety check
  • Torque check of bolts
  • Adjustment of headset
  • Lubrication of drivetrain
  • Wheel check & Inflation of tires
  • Drive check & Basic gear tune
  • Brake check & Pad replacement
  • Basic repairs


  • Wheel true & Tension
  • Hub check & adjust
  • Gear cable replacement
  • Drivetrain degrease
  • Headset re-grease
  • Bottom bracket check
  • Calliper & rotor adjustment
  • Mid level parts repairs
  • Parts Excluded​

Recommended every 12 months if you ride a few times a week.

The comprehensive service required in keeping your bike running smooth and preventing major component wear.

Book a Bicycle Service in Noosa with Spoke N Trail.

Bike Service – Expert


Workshop Bookings Details-

  • Our workshop operates during all days of trade and provides repairs, servicing, upgrades and setup of all bicycle types.
  • Customers are welcome to drop in for small repairs or diagnosis of problems.
  • Larger repairs need to be booked in to guarantee efficiency in repairs. We endeavour to get our riders back in the saddle as soon as possible, our booking system is paramount to this.
  • The workshop offers extended drop off and pickup times by arrangement.
  • Onsite bike storage is minimal, we do not provide any extended bike storage.