Cruzee Balance Bike, Silver 12inch

A World of Fun. Cruzee Balance Bikes open up a whole new world of fun and exercise for you and your child.

Inspiring freedom and independence and helping your child become mobile and active at an astonishingly early age. Even a small trip around the block is a big adventure for a 2-year-old on a Cruzee.

Cherish every moment with your toddler as you watch your child’s confidence grow while creating a strong bond between you that will last a lifetime.

  • Light- Ultra lightweight at 1.9 kg
  • Safe – Ultra light weight with rock solid construction
  • Widest Size Adjustabliity – 18 Mths to 5 Yrs
  • Strong- aircraft grade anodized aluminium frame, your Cruzee will not rust.
  • Durable – No flat tyres or oily bits
  • Minimum saddle height 30cm
  • Maximum saddle height 50cm

Cruzee Balance Bike, Silver 12inch


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