Torker Balance Bike NYO Black Magnesium


The perfect ultra-lightweight, customisable balance bike for Kids 2+.Torker balance bike comes with an 8x alphabet sticker pack so parents you can write their child’s name or anything else they would like on the downtube!

Soft rubber grips.
Lightweight – only 2.5kg.
High density nylon rim.
One piece magnesium mould frame.
Alloy handlebar
Alloy A-head
Alloy integrated to handlebar and neoprene cover
Sealed bearing hub
12″ Tyres
Comfortable padded seat.
Rounded frame edges.
Seatpost 22.2mm
Low profile front and rear axle.
Quick release adjustable seat post.
Suits children 2+. 80-100cm height.

Torker Balance Bike NYO Black Magnesium


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