skills training - clubman (3 Sessions)

Clubman Skills Package Inclusions

  • Three x 2hr one-on-one sessions to help you learn the foundations of riding faster, smoother and more efficiently.
  • Packages are designed around your goals and current skill level.
  • Introductory assessment conducted, including base tips and techniques to identify and improve any bad habits as soon as possible.
  • Program formulated specifically around your assessment and what we recommend as well as the areas you want to target.
  • Bike and equipment set up checks and advice on the best set-up for your riding.
  • Review provided by email after each session including session notes and drills to work on between sessions.
  • Video analysis and comparisons using various camera angles on ground, on board (go pro) and footage provided to show you exactly what's going on.
  • Participation can be private and confidential if you don't want others to know about your 'secret training'.

Price- $570

To take your riding to the next level.