MTB Skills Coaching

Noosa, Queensland

Progress to your best
Group, private & custom mountain bike coaching sessions for all abilities, riding styles & personal goals.
Whether the focus is getting more air, flowing berms, ripping turns or having more fun, our coaches can assist you to ride better.

Skills sessions are tailored to suit your ability and fitness. We help breakdown the barriers to your progression, encouraging you to expand your skills and therefore ride faster and safer.

We utilise the proven coaching methods of PMBIA. (Professional Mountain Bike Industry Association) Our coaches are friendly, qualified and passionate about what they do.

Skills sessions are available to book online or if you prefer to discuss exactly what you want, please contact us.

​"The results of my lessons with Jimmy are obvious both in handling skills and speed on both my trail and (particularly) cross country bikes. I’ve been back to Jimmy for more since and I’m going back again. And again." - Gill Lindsay

Our coaches are Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association (PMBIA) accredited, what does that mean?
The PMBI Association is the governing body for mountain bike instructor certification courses, within the mountain bike industry. The Board of Directors is comprised of experienced, industry experts, each with long-established histories in teaching, pedagogy (instructor training), coaching, mountain biking and mountain bike racing.

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