Workshop Services




  • Safety check & bolt adjust
  • lubrication
  • Inflation
  • Basic gear tune
  • Brake check
  • Basic repairs
  • Frame shine
  • Parts Excluded

Recommended every 6 months if you ride a few times a week and want to keep your bike running smooth whilst preventing major wear.

Price- $79




  • Clubman service plus...
  • Wheel true/hub adjust
  • Drivetrain clean
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Headset re-grease
  • Bottom bracket check
  • Parts Excluded

Recommended every 6-12 months if you ride regularly and in all conditions such as rain, mud & sand.

Price- $159




  • Top level service including Clubman & Expert service plus...
  • Full off the bike drivetrain degrease
  • Gear cable replacement
  • Bottom bracket re-grease
  • Pivot point service
  • Spoke tension adjust
  • Full frame clean and polish
  • Parts Excluded

Price- $299

Specialised servicing

Spoke N Trail also offers specialised servicing that includes suspension servicing, hydraulic brake servicing, fault diagnosis, pivot bearing replacement, and drivetrain replacement. If we can't do it, we'll know the right person for the job and will arrange it all for you!


We believe that money is best spent making your bike perform at it's peak. Aesthetics are important and we all like bling on our bikes but let's not forget about function, performance & reliability. Suspension is the quiet achiever, it's always treated harshly, under appreciated and always expected to function flawlessly.

To help your suspension perform we have a range of in-house suspension and seat-post service options. For more advanced suspension repairs, upgrades and tuning we work alongside the best in the industry to get you the results you want.

ROCKSHOX (50 hours of riding time service)
​Fork lower leg service $95
Shock air Can service $95
​Reverb ​lower tube service & remote lever bleed $95

ROCKSHOX (100-200 hours of riding time service)
Fork spring & damper service $195
Shock spring & damper service $210

ROCKSHOX (400 Hours)
Reverb complete service $160

FOX (125 Hours, or Yearly)
Factory fork service $195
Factory shock service $210
Transfer dropper post service P.O.A

*Parts associated with the level of service are included. Any extra's required to repair or tune are an additional cost.
Not sure of the service schedule for your brand/model fork, shock or dropper post? We can find the manufacturer's recommendations for you.