Service Packages


How often should I service my bike?

As a minimum an Annual service is recommended.

If you are a regular rider of 2 hours or more per week we would recommend booking your bike in every 3-4 months.

We strongly recommend booking your bike in whenever you feel it is doing something irregular or making abnormal noises. Often a very simple adjustment can alleviate the need for an expensive repair.

We also recommend servicing before important races or riding holiday's.

Can I just walk-in with my bike for a repair?

Yes. We complete minor repairs on the same day and with no booking required. Larger repairs you will need to book in.

Does SNT work on any bikes?

Yes we service, repair and upgrade all bike types.

Will SNT fit parts I purchased online?

Yes we do. Please give us a call.

I would like to make a warranty claim, do I need to book online?

If you purchased the bike (or part) from SNT, then no. All warranty claims are treated with priority. Please drop your bike off to workshop and allow 3 working days for an update.

If you didn’t purchase the bike (or part that is fitted to the bike) from Spoke N Trail, you will need to make a booking and provide your proof of purchase when dropping off the bike.

Does SNT charge for making a warranty claim?

If you purchased the bike (or part) from SNT there are no upfront costs to lodging a claim provided the item is within its warranty period.

If you didn't purchase the bike (or part) from SNT, your warranty claim is treated the same as a repair booking. Our cost to pursue a warranty claim is $100. This covers our time to communicate with the supplier and complete thier warranty information requests. There may be additional costs depending on the outcome of your claim however, in the event of this occurring, we will quote you prior to proceeding with any work.

I hacked my E-bike and now it has a problem, What should I do?

Be upfront. The more information we can give the supplier the quicker a solution can be found.

Do you offer Pick-up & Delivery

Yes. Locally via arrangement, please call the shop. Fees apply.