MTB Skills - Private Coaching Session

Noosa, Queensland

Improve your bike handling and enjoy trails handpicked to maximise your skills progression and riding enjoyment during a private coaching session.

Private Session Inclusions

  • Bike Setup- ensuring it is correct and primed for success, fine tuning the cockpit, suspension, brakes and drivetrain to make sure they are on point and appropriate for your riding.
  • Current skills assessed during warm up, revisiting foundations of good technique and identification of any bad habits.
  • Skills session specifically tailored to what you want to achieve and how we can assist you in reaching your riding goals.
  • Video analysis and feedback provided to capture what you are doing and what needs to change.
  • Skills we can practise include pumping and manualing for speed, floating over rock gardens, hitting your lines in the corners and jumping with confidence.
  • Review provided by email after session including notes and drills to practise and continue your improvements.

Duration- Up to 3hrs

Location- Various Trails, Sunshine Coast, QLD.


$349pp - 1 Rider

$225pp - 2 Riders

$199pp - 3 Riders

$175pp - 4 Riders

$149pp - 5 Riders

$125pp - 6 Riders

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